Thursday, September 19, 2013

My first tattoo

I decided to get my first tattoo as a present to myself for my birthday.
I figured what better then something to remind me of my childhood. I loved reading the harry potter books and watching the movies. Its something me and my mom really bond over,so its in memory of her as well. I ended up getting a bigger design then id planned on but it looked so good when I was testing sizes .  I did change the design a little. Added a wand in the middle with little sparks shooting out of it.To me the outline hurt most the shading wasn't bad. I'm glad I took everyone's advice and added a little color. It turned out amazing I love it. I can't wait for the next one.

St. Patricks day

Its been forever since my last post. I was looking at pictures on my phone and knew I had to fill you guys in on the crazy events that are my life. So I'm starting with St. Patricks day. My sister and I got to go around to bars handing out beads but the best part was we had are own bag pipes
And drummer to lead the way. (yes we are that serious about this holiday)