Saturday, February 11, 2012

Topshop Sale

I went with my sister to go see a movie and we figured while we were out we would do a little shopping. We figured a lot of stores are getting ready for spring, really any reason to go to Topshop sounds great to me. I walked in went right for the jewelry as usual. I swear Topshop has the most amazing jewelry. I was so excited to see there was a huge sale going on. There was a whole rack of jewelry for $3. I bought two rings and might go back for more. One is a black ladybug with blue spots the other is an amazing rock like ring that's purple and green it kinda changes color in the light it's so gorgeous, and it was the last one left! Each were originally $30 but I got them both for $3 from $60 to $6 amazing!!!

Nail Art Challenge : Inspired by artwork

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Harry Potter Nails Redone

I'm so happy I finally redid this nail art. Some of the detail aren't exactly the same but it's still pretty awesome.
Thumb: Hogwarts Banner  Pointer: Hedwig and Hogwarts letter. Middle: HP initials, floating candles,snitch,and platform 9 3/4 sign, Ring: Hufflepuff colors, time turner,and wand. Pinky: Harry's trunk,broom,cauldron with a potion brewing, and a stack of school books.
 Pinky: Deathly Hallows symbol,Voldemort's snake Nagini's tail. Ring: Ravenclaw colors Tom Riddle's Diary being stabbed by the basilisk fang,and Nagini's body slides through all fingers tell the thumb and has Slytherin house colors on it. Middle: Dementor freezing some flowers. Pointer: Dumbledore's Army coin, Marauders map, and more coins. Thumb: Sorting Hat, Gryffindor sword, Nagini's head

Tangled Inspired Nail Art

I love the movie tangled but I really wanted to do this nail design because of the nail stickers I got that had the Disney princesses on them. I started making the nails and was going to add the princess at the end, but the sticker ended up to be to small. So I had to draw the girl in and I'm not that great at drawing people. But I love the filigree background I know it's hard to see at the picture, and the braid popping out was a cool effect.

Nails of the day: Day 2 Night

 I love the purple and blue eye shadow gradient effect especially with my favorite glitter polish over it. Reminds me of the night sky with stars twinkling in it,so beautiful.

Nail Art Challenge : Half Moon

I'm really not a big fan of half moon nail art. But trying it with crackle polishes did make me like it a bit more.

NOTD: Spider Web Effect

I tried this type of design on my nails before but it was rainbow,which was awesome but I really wanted to try doing this with just black and white nail polish. I have to say I really love how it looks it's simple but still has a cool edge to it. I love black and white together they always look great!
                                             What is your favorite color combo?