Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free ASP Gel Polish

In the May/June issue of Nail It magazine their is a coupon for one free bottle of ASP gel polish. It's a full size bottle not a little sample size. This is my first time checking out the ASP gel polishes I've looked at lots of other gel polishes since their really popular right now. I will say I wish they had more of a color selection but the options they do have are nice.The coupon is good may 1- june 29. So go get a copy of Nail It magazine now!

                                                                       (retail $5.99)
                                                          (retail: $9.99- with sally card 8.99)
                                                             ( ASP- In The Diamond Lane)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sally's Beauty Supply Clearance

Over the weekend Sally's Beauty Supply had their half off clearance sale. It's defiantly one of the best sales everything that is already marked down rfor clearance gets an additional 50% off. You can't pass up a great deal like that. I originally went in to pick up a big bottle of acetone polish remover and because I had a coupon for 15% my entire purchase. But I figured since I'm their and have a coupon why not take a look at the clearance.

                                          Beauty Secrets Pumkin Spice- .89
                                          Sally Girl Bronzer-.69
                                          Sally Girl Eye Pencil (Funny)-.94 (Not On clearance)
                                          Sally Girl Black Eyeliner- .69
                                          China Glaze (Metallic Metamorphosis)-2.99
                                          Honey Chapstick-.25
                                          Sally Girl Shadows- (I Adore You,Cupid)-.94 each (Not On Clearance)
                                          Mini Eyelash Curler-.69

                                          The Sally Girl Valentines Collection eye shadows were so 
                                          cute I couldn't resist picking some up.

              I spent less then $12 including the big bottle of polish remover I got as well. 
            I got 50% off clearance items plus my 15% off entire purchase coupon and my sally's card
           discount. 10 items for $11 plus a little change is amazing!

            Did anyone else pick up some goodies during this sale?