Friday, October 28, 2011

Pass It On: DIY Display stand

I really wanted to make a cute display stand to hold my sunglasses. So after a lot of thinking and searching online I finally came up with this idea.

You will need:
A Box- I used a UPS box but you can use any box even a cereal box
Hot Glue Gun
A Pen or Marker
A Ruler

1) Take your box and lay it down and cut the top half of the box off

2) Use a ruler to measure how big you want the each shelf to be. If you have a certain item in mind like a makeup product, perfume or nail polishes then take that and measure the width to see how large you need each section. Measure all the way to the top of your box top.

3) Next fold each section one section forward one back to create a shelves.

4) This next part is a little tricky, take your shelves and hold them up to measure how tall it is. This can be hard because you want the shelves to bend like they would be when your finished.

5) Then use your measurement to measure each side of your box. After that cut a slit down each side of your box. And a small slit on the bottom. Fold the sides up onto the sides on the outside of your box and glue them. This will create the base for your shelves.

6) Use your glue gun to glue in the shelves start at the bottom and work your way up the sides.

7) Then paint it or decorate it anyway you like. Of course I love stuff that is really unique and different so I came up with the idea of decorating it like a piece of notebook paper. I always loved passing notes to my friends at school so I wanted the design to look like a note. I used acrylic paint and markers to paint and doodle all over it. I just put my favorite quotes and book titles on their and had my friends doodle on it.

This so far has been my favorite do it yourself project. Because it's so unique and cute. I love how the design turned out and I can always add more quotes or random doodles on it :)

Nail Art Challenge: Halloween (Ripped And Unzipped Nails)

I actually forgot all about doing my nails for Halloween. Which is shocking sense nails are usually the first thing I think of when choosing an outfit. But I couldn't think of a cute design to match my costume this year sense i'm still not a 100% sure what I'm going to be yet. So I thought this design would work for any costume I choose.

 I used 2 coats of Wet 'n' Wild black nail polish as a base on 6 of my nails. Used grey and black acrylic paint  and gold nail polish to make zippers. For the ripped nails I took a fake nail ripped it in half filed it a little. Then applied lash glue on my nail and used a cotton pad to add some cotton on all my nails to give it texture. Then add red polish and fake blood to make it look like someone unzipped and ripped my nails. Set everything with a topcoat and your done:)

52 Week Nail Challenge

I feel like I've been slacking on my nail art but I just haven't been able to think of new ideas. So I decided it was time for a challenge. I came across the 31 day challenge which seemed like it would be fun but I don't think i'd be able to do my nails everyday. So when I cam across the 52 week nail challenge by it seemed more flexible plus it's more themes so I knew I had to try it. 

But I decided to put a little twist on it sense I get bored of my manicures very quickly I'll probably post more than on theme per week. The day I post it will vary depending on when I get time to paint my nails. I've also decided instead of going in order of the list of themes i'm going to randomly choose  theme's from the list. I will still be doing all the themes on the list but just randomly.

Here is the list of themes

1 . pink
2. inspired by color
3. gradient
4.  Halloween
5. metallic
6. nudes/browns
7. inspired by a tutorial
8. taping
9. rainbow
10. winter
11. violet
12. Christmas years
14.  black and white
15. inspired by song
16. splatter
17. red
18. inspired by movie/TV
19.  polka dot
20. valentines day
21. green
22. inspired by flag
23. spring
24. kawaii
25. inspired by pattern
26. pastel
27. Easter
28. yellow
29. inspired by fashion
30. galaxies
31. neon/bright
32. flowers
33. orange
34. half moon
35. inspired by food
36. summer
37. delicate print
38. inspired by technology
39. stripe
40. glitter
41. tribal
42. inspired by book
43. water marble
44.  blue
45. french manicure
46. inspired by artwork
47. animal print
48. matte
49. autumn
50. newspaper
51. inspired by supernatural/sci-fi
52. grey

I'm so excited to do this challenge, I will get to try some new techniques and try new nail designs I have never done before.

DIY: Recycled Jewelry Holder

 Sense I just moved I was in need of a new big jewelry holder mainly for my necklaces. So I had bought a new full length mirror and it came with this big piece of cardboard. I 'm always trying to look for new ways to recycle things,so I ended up making this cute jewelry holder. This is a great way to store and display your jewelry each of the push pins hold 3 or 4 necklaces and also rings.

It's very easy to make all you need is a piece of cardboard, push pins, nails, and any other items you want to use to decorate it . I used acrylic paint, a paint brush, spray paint, tape, a sharpie,and some little word cards.

1) Start by laying down newspaper on the floor so you don't make a mess. Next I used white acrylic paint and just painted random areas on the cardboard.

2) Take your spray paint and spray all over the cardboard. (I used a navy blue spray paint)

3) I wrote my name at the top using acrylic paint then outlined it with a black sharpie. Glued on some word cards.

4) I used some red decorative tape and place it around the edges as a boarder

5) All that's left is to use some nails to hang it up. Then stick some push pins in to hold your jewelry.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just A Little Glitz And Glam

Read All About It!!!


A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a newspaper manicure. I have to say it was on of the most creative manicures I've ever seen and I had to learn how to do it. So I tried a few different ways but sadly none of them worked out for me. So last week my sister and I were going to host a cocktail party and I knew I had to have a creative and unique manicure. I decided to try the newspaper nails one last time but this time I used witch hazel. I was so amazed it worked perfectly. 

This is a manicure that will definitely get you a lot of attention. So many people asked me how I did it, Although I have to say the weirdest was when I went to the dentist. The dentist placed my seat back was about to check my teeth saw my nails and of course asked how I did them. I told her I just used some newspaper a little witch hazel really it's as simple as that. I think this nail art is great if your a beginner at nail art. It's very easy and simple. 

                                        You can also use this to apply pictures to your nails.

1) Paint your nails with base coat and then a light color. I love using "easy going" by Sinful Colors. 

2) Cut out ten pieces of newspaper big enough to cover each one of your nails.(TIP: Don't worry about what the words are because they will be backwards on your nail.)

3) Pour some witch hazel into a bowl. Place the newspaper cuttings into the bowl of witch hazel. Let the newspaper soak for a minute.

4) Next using some tweezers take one of the newspaper clippings and place it on your nail.(TIP:Use a napkin or scrap paper to hold the newspaper clipping on nail so it applies nice and straight.)   

5) Hold it down for a few seconds so the writing transfers onto your nail and then peel it off. And then repeat for every nail!  

5) Add a top coat and your done. 

And that's it. So easy!