Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crackle Polish Haul/Review

The other day while I was out I decided to treat myself to some new nail polishes. I stopped by Walgreens and was amazed when I saw these crackle polishes by the brand Cherimoya. I'd never heard of this brand before but I've been looking for cheaper crackle polishes and they just happened to be on sale so I couldn't pass them up.

                       Most brands have crackle polishes now, but this brand has
                      the largest variety of colors I've seen for crackle polishes
                      Including neon which I was very excited to try.

                                       The formula of these varies for each color.
                                       Some are thin while others are really thick.
                                BEWARE, These polishes do have a very strong odor.

I only bought 2 of the polishes a gray and white to try out then went back for the colored ones. When I swatched these they didn't crackle at all I tried several times before I finally got a little bit of crackle effect. I will say I noticed whenever I swatched Mercy Me that it flaked a lot when it dried.

But these polishes on nails look great crackle very fast and have a matte finish. 
   Sanctuary,You & I, Mercy Me, Prayer   


                                                              Mercy Me, Sanctuary

Make sure you shake these very well before you use them

To get a perfect amount on your nail instead of using the sides of your brush use the bottom and stipple it on your nail. Like Robin Moses always says dot dot dot.

                                            I found these at Walgreens for $2.99. 
                              You can also check your local beauty supply stores.      
                                                        Stores usually sell 24 shades.                                                    
                                    They are also available online at
                                         There you can find all 49 shades for $2.99.                                 

                                          If your looking for good crackle polishes 
                                                     you should check these out.

                                            Which colors are you most excited to try ?

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  1. I tried Crackle Paint a few months back and Hated It!!!! My BFF/Sister turned me on to the design and I fell in love with hers!!! She had a white background with Red Crackle Nail Polish and it looked wonderful!! And you're right, the ones I had hardly crackled at all (I can't remember what brand I had because I returned it). But after your recommendations...I think I'll try it again!!!! Thanks Jezika!!! :-)