Monday, October 31, 2011


                                                                   Happy Halloween!!!

This year for Halloween I decided to be a broken doll. Which I was excited for until I started doing my makeup and it just seemed like everything kept going wrong. But like I always say work with what you got! So I rocked the crazy doll makeup.

This year for Halloween my sister who was a nun or as we called her diva superior for the night decided we should do what she did last year for Halloween minus the alcohol. So it was my sister Jenny, her friend Kelsey and I. We started by taking a bus which my sister said would be fun to see all the people in costume on the bus. But of course she was wrong the first bus we got on was almost empty, then we had to wait for the second bus which was fun watching my sister and Kelsey break it down and randomly start singing LMFAO's song Party Rock every 10  minutes then start doing really weird shuffling, And I seriously mean EVERY 10 Minutes no matter where we were at are house, a bus stop, on the bus,and the worst at Ihop. The second bus did have a lot more people dressed up and so did the neighbor hood we went to their were costumes everywhere it was crazy. Are main goal was to end the night at Ihop but we ended up going there a lot earlier than we planned but it was so worth it the food was so good. On the way home I saw my favorite costume of the night a guy dressed as a redbox.

On the way home the train was packed with people in costumes. So we decided it was time to go home and watch a scary movie. Which ended up not being scary at all we all choose one of are favorite movies The Craft which I haven't watched in such a long time. Once the movie was done it was 5 am,so we knew it was time for bed. It was a pretty interesting night not the best but not the worst either.

                                                         What were you for Halloween?

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