Friday, October 28, 2011

Pass It On: DIY Display stand

I really wanted to make a cute display stand to hold my sunglasses. So after a lot of thinking and searching online I finally came up with this idea.

You will need:
A Box- I used a UPS box but you can use any box even a cereal box
Hot Glue Gun
A Pen or Marker
A Ruler

1) Take your box and lay it down and cut the top half of the box off

2) Use a ruler to measure how big you want the each shelf to be. If you have a certain item in mind like a makeup product, perfume or nail polishes then take that and measure the width to see how large you need each section. Measure all the way to the top of your box top.

3) Next fold each section one section forward one back to create a shelves.

4) This next part is a little tricky, take your shelves and hold them up to measure how tall it is. This can be hard because you want the shelves to bend like they would be when your finished.

5) Then use your measurement to measure each side of your box. After that cut a slit down each side of your box. And a small slit on the bottom. Fold the sides up onto the sides on the outside of your box and glue them. This will create the base for your shelves.

6) Use your glue gun to glue in the shelves start at the bottom and work your way up the sides.

7) Then paint it or decorate it anyway you like. Of course I love stuff that is really unique and different so I came up with the idea of decorating it like a piece of notebook paper. I always loved passing notes to my friends at school so I wanted the design to look like a note. I used acrylic paint and markers to paint and doodle all over it. I just put my favorite quotes and book titles on their and had my friends doodle on it.

This so far has been my favorite do it yourself project. Because it's so unique and cute. I love how the design turned out and I can always add more quotes or random doodles on it :)

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