Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Harry Potter Nails Redone

I'm so happy I finally redid this nail art. Some of the detail aren't exactly the same but it's still pretty awesome.
Thumb: Hogwarts Banner  Pointer: Hedwig and Hogwarts letter. Middle: HP initials, floating candles,snitch,and platform 9 3/4 sign, Ring: Hufflepuff colors, time turner,and wand. Pinky: Harry's trunk,broom,cauldron with a potion brewing, and a stack of school books.
 Pinky: Deathly Hallows symbol,Voldemort's snake Nagini's tail. Ring: Ravenclaw colors Tom Riddle's Diary being stabbed by the basilisk fang,and Nagini's body slides through all fingers tell the thumb and has Slytherin house colors on it. Middle: Dementor freezing some flowers. Pointer: Dumbledore's Army coin, Marauders map, and more coins. Thumb: Sorting Hat, Gryffindor sword, Nagini's head

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