Monday, January 2, 2012

FOTD: New Years Glitter Eyebrows

For New Years I knew I wasn't going to go out or doing anything special this year but I still wanted to do something with glitter. Of course my first thought was glitter nail art but I hate having to scrub it off, although I did add a little glitter to my nail design but it wasn't really a New Years design just a random freestyle, which ill post pictures of soon. Anyways so I was bored watching YouTube videos as always and saw that the QueenofBlendingMUA did an awesome glitter eyebrow tutorial. I figured I've tried colored eyebrows which I loved they were blue fading into purple, so why not glitter eyebrows? I wanted the rest of the look pretty simple just some winged liner and sheer lipstick and gloss. But then I remembered I had really cute criss cross fake lashes with 3d gold holographic glitter on the tips so I threw those on too.

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