Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Haul: Cvs and Dollar Store

These are the last few items I got at the CVS 50%-75% off sale. I picked up another one of the Sally Hansen salon effects.Which I've only tried one that I've bought so far but have mixed feelings about them. I stopped by CVS with my sister and told her about the sale she picked up a few items and let me choose something so I got another Physicians Formula liner set. She didn't like the Physicians Formula face primer so she gave it to me. I really wanted Revlon's Lilac pastelle polish so went back and picked it up along with spring awaking and Revlon's icy nude lipstick. Which I am in love with now! I went to buy a backup of icy nude but sadly my CVS didn't have it so I got Demure lipstick instead. Which is a nice everyday sheer shade. Then I went to the Family Dollar store the other day to buy my sister some toothpaste and saw this cute head band which reminded me of the one Effy wore on the show Skins, Which is my favorite show so I had to buy it! I know your thinking it's weird I got Disney princess earrings but I got them to use for nail designs. Ive been wanting to do Disney princess nails for awhile. But it sucks not all the Disney princesses are on there, I really wanted princess Jasmine :(. I saw Wet n Wild polishes at CVS were 50% off so I picked up Club Havana mainly because I liked the name. But it's a gorgeous coral perfect for the summer and I don't have any color like it.
                                            Sally Hansen Salon Effects-Violet Night
                                            Physicians Formula Eyeliners
                                            Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Primer
                                            Revlon-Lilac Pastelle Polish
                                            Wet n Wild- Club Havana Polish
                                            10 Nail Lacquer-Spring Awakening
                                            Revlon Lipsticks-Demure and Icy Nude
                                           Disney princess sticker earrings
                                           Lace Headband  

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