Friday, October 28, 2011

Nail Art Challenge: Halloween (Ripped And Unzipped Nails)

I actually forgot all about doing my nails for Halloween. Which is shocking sense nails are usually the first thing I think of when choosing an outfit. But I couldn't think of a cute design to match my costume this year sense i'm still not a 100% sure what I'm going to be yet. So I thought this design would work for any costume I choose.

 I used 2 coats of Wet 'n' Wild black nail polish as a base on 6 of my nails. Used grey and black acrylic paint  and gold nail polish to make zippers. For the ripped nails I took a fake nail ripped it in half filed it a little. Then applied lash glue on my nail and used a cotton pad to add some cotton on all my nails to give it texture. Then add red polish and fake blood to make it look like someone unzipped and ripped my nails. Set everything with a topcoat and your done:)


  1. Eew, how disgusting! I mean that in a good way of course- it looks awesome :)

  2. Ya they did look gross. But it was fun to try something new. I really liked the texture from the cotton balls.