Thursday, October 27, 2011

Read All About It!!!


A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a newspaper manicure. I have to say it was on of the most creative manicures I've ever seen and I had to learn how to do it. So I tried a few different ways but sadly none of them worked out for me. So last week my sister and I were going to host a cocktail party and I knew I had to have a creative and unique manicure. I decided to try the newspaper nails one last time but this time I used witch hazel. I was so amazed it worked perfectly. 

This is a manicure that will definitely get you a lot of attention. So many people asked me how I did it, Although I have to say the weirdest was when I went to the dentist. The dentist placed my seat back was about to check my teeth saw my nails and of course asked how I did them. I told her I just used some newspaper a little witch hazel really it's as simple as that. I think this nail art is great if your a beginner at nail art. It's very easy and simple. 

                                        You can also use this to apply pictures to your nails.

1) Paint your nails with base coat and then a light color. I love using "easy going" by Sinful Colors. 

2) Cut out ten pieces of newspaper big enough to cover each one of your nails.(TIP: Don't worry about what the words are because they will be backwards on your nail.)

3) Pour some witch hazel into a bowl. Place the newspaper cuttings into the bowl of witch hazel. Let the newspaper soak for a minute.

4) Next using some tweezers take one of the newspaper clippings and place it on your nail.(TIP:Use a napkin or scrap paper to hold the newspaper clipping on nail so it applies nice and straight.)   

5) Hold it down for a few seconds so the writing transfers onto your nail and then peel it off. And then repeat for every nail!  

5) Add a top coat and your done. 

And that's it. So easy! 

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